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Can we book both coordination and photography services together?

YES! We even offer a disconut for booking us both. This allows us to use our strengths to full potential and your wedding benefits from our teamwork! Be sure to inquire with us as soon as you've booked your venue to confirm we’re available for your date.

Can we book only coordination services? Only photography services?

Of course! Sometimes a couple may not be a fit for both servies or may have already booked a service we offer. Not a problem! 

Can we meet you?

Absolutely! If you're not local to San Luis Obispo County, we'll schedule a video chat to get to know you as a couple. If you are local, we'd love to treat you to coffee at Scout 2 (or something a little fancier at your favorite winery or brewery) to get to know you both as a couple. We'd love to hear all about your story, your wedding details, and anything else you want to talk about!

Do you travel?

YES!! We love exploring new places.

CALIFORNIA // Travel to your wedding location has already been factored in. You have enough going on, the last thing you need is to worry about is our travel arrangements.

OUT OF STATE & INTERNATIONAL // Our world is full of amazing locations. Getting married at one of them? Let’s talk! Our bags are packed and passports are up to date.

We're ready! How do we book?

First, we’ll build a timeline to match your requested services. Your timeline will change over the course of your enagement, but we like to create it early so that you can have a baseline moving forward with your planning. Once your package and timeline is approved, we’ll send you a digital contract to sign. After you've signed your contract and retainer has been received, your date is officially booked! YAY!



Photography FAQ

What's your "style"?

I love all things pretty. I'd describe my images as fine-art with a twist. My work has a hint of editorial with a focus on capturing the connection between my couples. When you look at your photos, I want you to remember the excitement as you got ready, the cheers at your first kiss, the calm of your sunset portraits, ...and the wildness of a great party. 

How long have you been doing this?

2017 will be my nineth wedding season – gasp! Time flies! I started photographing weddings in 2009 after graduating from college and fell in love with the industry. After discovering how much we both loved weddings, Kay and I started Lover of Weddings in 2012 as a way to offer our services together.  

Do we get the digital files?

Yes, all images are delivered via a password protected online gallery. The images are high-resolution and you may download and print your photos with any vendor of your choice or order prints through your gallery. If purchased, a keepsake usb drive includes full resolution edited images with print rights.

Can I post photos on social media?

Of course!! Social media is a great way to share your photos! And if you give a shoutout to Lover of Weddings, you'll be our favorite!

How long is an engagement session?

I schedule 2 hours before sunset for an engagement session. The best timing for each season can be found in our engagement guide. along with tips on what to wear and what to bring. Send me a note so I can email it to you!

Do you offer albums?

Sure do! Please contact me for our album guide.

Whats the average turn around time for images?

Engagement photos can be expected in about 2 weeks and wedding photos can be expected in roughly 4-6 weeks after the wedding. Images may take longer if a second photographer was included in your package. If purchased, your usb drive should arrive about 1 week after your images are released onto your gallery.

How do you choose a second photographer?

I choose a shooter based on who would be the best fit for your wedding. I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful photographers in the industry. I have some regulars that I absolutely LOVE working with who are consistent with my style. They are professional wedding photographers as well who are simply not booked on your date. I also shoot for them when I don’t have weddings booked.



Coordination FAQ

What exactly do you do as a day-of coordinator? 

I will be your personal assistant, taking care of the on-site coordination and management of the entire day, so you can spend your energy focusing on all your loved ones around you.

Contact us for our Coordination Guide for a detailed description of duties

You’re not a “Wedding Planner”? What’s the difference?

Wedding Planners usually start from the very beginning. Their services are designed to help a bride put together her vision through design, research, budget management and much more. My services are designed to help the bride who has all of that already done most of the planning and just needs help with the execution on the day. I’m there to see to it that all of your hard work pays off. 

Do you offer more services besides Day-of Coordination?

Yes! My coordination package starts with the base of managing your wedding day and running your rehearsal. From there we can add on packages that will fit your planning needs best! Need someone to help address invitations or manage RSVPS? Want to throw a day after family brunch? Would a site walk through with your vendors before the wedding day help put you at ease? We can customize what you will need for your wedding day!

My venue already has a coordinator, why do I need your services?

Venue “Coordinators” are a wonderful addition to any venue. They know their venue front-to-back and can assist in guiding vendors and making sure your event runs smoothly. However, they primarily are there to protect their venue. They’re the ones that make sure your guests aren’t vandalizing their property, that the caterer used the correct entrance gate. While I do those same things when your venue doesn’t have a venue coordinator, YOU are my primary focus. I’m able to bring you food after your ceremony, prioritize your photos while caring for your guests, and fix any unexpected emergencies. In fact, most venues with a venue coordinator require you to book a coordinator because they understand the importance of having more help to make your day amazing.

I’ll just have my mom coordinate since she knows everything about the wedding already…

Your mom may know everything about your wedding, and she’ll make a great point person if I have any questions. But it’s hard for her to be in charge when she’s walking down the aisle in your ceremony, posing for family photos, and greeting your guests...and you know, enjoying her daugher getting married. Let me protect your relationship!

How long have you been doing this?

My passion for event planning and coordinating began in college when I interned for a wedding coordination company. Planning and organizing came naturally for me, and I quickly realized that this was my calling. Shortly after my internship ended, Jessica and I launched Lover of Weddings! For several years I have been planning and running events for Azusa Pacific University. However, wedding coordination has  always been where my heart is! There really is  something incredible about two people coming together to celebrate love and their commitment! Plus who doesn’t love a great party! 

When do you coordinate the rehearsal?

Rehearsals are normally scheduled the evening before your big day, followed by your rehearsal dinner, but each ceremony venue is different so it’s important to find out when they are typically scheduled at your location. On average, rehearsals take about an hour, but I like to meet with you at the venue at least an hour before everyone else arrives. This allows time for you to hand over any last stresses, details, and thoughts. Our time together will be spent going through your ceremony and reception layout, discussing decor, set up and key information.

What’s in the emergency kit?

Contact us for our Coordination Guide for a detailed description of everything I keep on hand. From advil, to a mini sewing kit, steamer and blisters me when I say I have got you covered, as I have been building my emergency kit up over the last 5 years!

Do you help set up? Clean up? What time will you arrive? Leave?

When it comes to the execution of your wedding day, I am ALL IN! Depending on the set-up and clean-up of each wedding, we will work together to recruit a few helping hands to make sure everything gets done! I aim to be on site with you for 10-12 hours on your big day, but believe it or not, sometimes that’s still not enough time! Usually a few extra friends or family members can help get the job done! Dont have anyone who can help out? This is a great place to add an assitant to your package!

I don’t have a timeline, will you help me?

Of course! That’s what I am here for! We will work together on building your timeline to include all the important pieces that fit you as a couple! Don’t want to do the money dance? That’s okay! Want to make sure you spend a moment with grandma and grandpa on the dance floor, DONE! My job is the create a timeline that reflect you and your relationship! Once we have a timeline made, I will make sure that all of your vendors have a copy and make any last minute adjustments as needed.

Will you have an assistant?

If your weddings has more than 100 guests, or has separate ceremony & reception

venues, I strongly recommend adding an assistant to your package. Do you have a lot of personal decor, DIY projects, or project getting stuck with the clean up….then adding some helping hands to my team is the way to go!

What is your communication schedule? 

At the two-month mark, I’ll check in and see how planning is going, if you need any last minute vendor recommendations and offer any advice & guidance. We’ll go through our 1-Month Questionnaire about 4 weeks before your wedding to iron out any other details and update your timeline. Your last week should be blissful and enjoyed to the fullest as you anticipate your wedding day. I will take care of everything from the last minute phone calls and e-mails from vendors, to the unanticipated hiccups. During this time I will also distribute your wedding timeline to vendors, handle final payments and gratuities, ensuring that you focus on what's important, your new chapter of life! 

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