Who We Are

Lover of Weddings is a wedding photography & coordination sister duo that specializes in coordinating and capturing the celebrations of head-over-heels in love couples with a passion for gorgeous creative details and stunning locations. Est. 2012

But we are so much more than that. We are truly lovers of weddings...we laugh with your wedding party, fluff dresses and pin boutonnieres, cry when you read your vows, cheer at your first kiss and swoon at your first dance. It is a blessing and an honor to be involved in such an intimate day in your lives.

We Believe In

Love. Dedication. Authenticity. Marriage. Unique traditions. Beautiful light. Family. Adventure. Excitement. Friends. Creativity. Details.

…And a great party.


Meet Jess

Fun Facts

  • My morning latte is a must 

  • I’m a Cal Poly SLO grad, with a BS in Graphic Communication (go GrC!)

  • I grew up in South East Asia as a kid

  • Pretty much all my clothing is black, white, gray or striped.

  • Broke my collarbone playing rugby in college

  • I type everything because my handwriting is the worst

  • When I’m not shooting on weekends, you can find me hiking, at the beach, hosting game night or visiting local breweries and wineries with my husband and friends

  • All for His glory.

Why I’m a wedding photographer

I first fell in love with weddings my senior year at Cal Poly when a woman I didn’t know, found a website I made for school and asked me to photograph hers. Having never photographed one before, I threw myself into the industry, bought a trillion wedding magazines, stocked blogs and learned everything I possibly could. Weddings bring an exhilaration that can’t be matched. And the people and joy I experience along the way turn this crazy industry into family.

My Love Story

Andy and I were 19 when we met as sophomores at Cal Poly SLO...I know, crazy young! His roommates were on a mission to meet girls [true story...] and my roommates and I were invited to a birthday bonfire they were hosting. After a few games at the beach our friendship began.

We started dating a few short weeks after we met. Flash forward a few more weeks...birthdays...graduations...long distance...we’re now enjoying marriage in San Luis Obispo living the #SLOlife.

2016 marked 10 years together and 4 years of marriage. Planning our big day brought me so much closer to my brides. It brought a new understanding of the stress, joy, love and that whirlwind day they call your wedding.

Our french bulldog, Bruce, joined our family shortly after we got married and he is definitely our first-born ... He is a true clown and mascot of our small group’s softball team. People in SLO adore him and know me as “Bruce’s mom.” Last week a stranger asked to take a photo with him. #celebrity


Meet Kay

Fun Facts

  • Breakfast is the best meal of the day

  • I love lowercase letters over capitals

  • Celebrating is a regular part of my life

  • I have a radar for everything gold

  • My record playing is currently spinning Marvin Gaye and my bestie Taylor Swift

  • I dream about the perfect dinner party but I’m still learning how to cook

  • My friends, my faith, and my devoted family empower me to be all that I am

Why I’m a wedding coordinator

There is something exhilarating about weddings and being a part of someone’s sweetest day of life. Because deep in the midst of the details and planning, somewhere between the bow ties and the bouquet toss, there is a wonderful story about a boy and a girl who fell deeply in love. I feel so incredibly blessed because I get to be a part of bringing that moment and that story to the surface.

My Love Story

Our story begins back in high school when we were only sixteen. One of our first encounters was a fall afternoon at the end of the school day. I was on my way to a crosscountry team dinner and David was standing on the corner of a parking lot after a football practice, waiting for a ride. I noticed him standing around and spontaneously decided to invite him along to dinner. David hit it off with everyone and quickly made a lasting impression with my closest friend group. The night would have ended perfectly, had David not left his unwashed football gear inside my car for the evening. I am still forgiving him for that one...

Over the course of 10 years, we dabbled between friendship and dating. There are countless stories that have led to where we are, but the simplest one is this - patience and perseverance. Like a fine wine, proper time and patience was needed for our relationship. What would have been spoiled if opened too early, is now a fine elegance that displays the power and truth in waiting for something wonderful. We wouldn’t change our story for anything. I don’t doubt that we will be the old couple holding hands while walking at sun set and I’m discovering that there’s nothing better than being married to your best friend. From card games to burning dinner there’s no one I’d rather adventure through life with.

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